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What is a Harmony Ball Maternity Necklace?

Introducing our new Maternity ball necklace... so what is it?

What are they and what is the origin

The Harmony Ball Necklace is a lovingly handmade sterling silver ball pendant, crafted to make a soothing chime whenever it moves - each ball gives a unique chime. Chime balls have been used throughout history and cultures for centuries, famed for their use for physical, emotional and spiritual purposes.

It is becoming increasingly popular to wear one of these balls from the 16th week of pregnancy, as your baby starts to be able to hear and recognise sounds. The soothing melody is said to help the bond between parent and baby when they arrive and help baby settle and sleep.

Legend also says that the sweet jingle, unique to each ball, helps to call the Guardian Angel of your baby to provide them with protection, comfort and guidance throughout their life - gaining the name of “Angel Caller” or "Angel Whisperer".

However you choose to use your S Dias Designs' Harmony Ball Necklace you can rest assured that it will combine both a soothing melody and timeless style.

Styling your Harmony Ball

​Whether you wear one to soothe baby or yourself, we have a style for everyone. Our collections of harmony ball necklaces offer a modern interpretation of the traditional harmony ball pendant, offering a smooth and tactile pendant for you and baby to handle safely. Our necklaces are designed to offer you a precious and trendy heirloom keepsake to mark the unique moments with your new baby.

Worn as a long necklace during pregnancy, you can choose from a bump grazing length or a full length chain which lets your harmony ball swing freely and gracefully - creating a soft and harmonious chime when rolling on the belly of mum-to-be which babies start to hear, and respond to, from the 16th week of your pregnancy.  

After pregnancy your baby will recognise the familiar chime of their Harmony Ball, associating it with the warmth and presence of their mother and sense of security.


We offer a range of personalisations for your Harmony Ball Necklace, including birthstones, charms and initials, we also offer a stunningly unique hand-carved fine solid silver sonogram/ultrasound charm.    

Just for mum-to-be?

Our Harmony Ball Necklaces make for a fantastic baby shower gift. Every one of our harmony ball necklaces is sterling silver, and NOT brass with silver or gold plating like many others on the market. Making our necklaces a superior quality and price point!

Although our harmony ball necklaces are an inspired gift for a mum-to-be they are not exclusively for mothers. These beautiful necklaces promote a bond from womb to world and we find that many new dads are finding them a fantastic baby and daddy bonding tool.

Our necklaces are also brilliant for those interested in the healing and calming properties of these necklaces, for mindfulness and meditation.

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